Taiko announces new Olympus Music Server!

Taiko has just announced their new Olympus music server, battery powered with optional XDMI interface. XDMI includes its own DAC and will surely compete with many DAC’s currently on the market.

Having been one of the few to hear an early iteration of Olympus, this will lift the bar even higher in how we experience digital music.

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Taiko Audio - the ultimate in digital audio

Redefining the way in which we listen to local files or stream music, Taiko Audio is dedicated to developing the very best in digital playback.

Using innovation and clever engineering, Taiko has developed an integrated eco-system in the form of a switch, router, DC power distributor and last but not least, a state-of-the-art Music Server, transforming the way we engage with digital music.

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Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ (April 2022)

“The Taiko Audio SGM Extreme is a musical revelation…Yes, it’s the server that could finally silence the ‘yeah… but I still prefer CD’ stick-in-the-muds, but more important still, it pushes far past the limits of what digital audio can do. The best don’t come cheap… but if you want the best in digital audio, this is it right now!”

Alsyvox - world class speakers  

The transparency and imaging of the best planar speakers.

The dynamics and low distortion of the best big horns.

The tonal balance of the best monitors.

The efficiency you need to use almost any amplifier.

The authoritative bass of a big cone woofer.

All of this in a coherent sound like a single wide-range transducer.

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Greg Weaver, Enjoy the Music (Best of 2023 Award)

“To my ears and sensibilities, Daniele Coen's Alsyvox Botticelli X not only clearly represents the state of the art as currently applied to the category of planar dynamic loudspeakers, but they are so easy to listen to, so engrossingly musical, and so emotionally engaging, that they would be my first choice in their price point.”

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